Year 4

St James the Great

St . James the Greater

St. James was the son of Zebedee and Salome. He was one of the first apostles to answer the call to join Jesus as one of his Twelve Disciples. St James was also one of the first saints to be martyred when King Herod ordered him to be put to death in 44 AD. St James is the patron saint of Spain and there is a famous pilgrimage to his grave in Northern Spain. His feast day is 25th July.

St osmund

St Osmund

St Osmund’s birth date is unknown but we know he died in 1099 AD. He served William the Conqueror as his Chancellor and became the Bishop of Salisbury in 1078 AD. St Osmund is known for interest in and love of books and he was involved in gathering the information included in the famous Doomsday Book. He was the last English person to be declared a saint until the canonization of St Thomas More and St John Fisher in 1935. His feast day is 4th of December.