Year 6

St Aidan

St. Aidan

Aidan was born in Ireland. Aidan of Lindisfarne was an Irish monk and missionary who brought Christianity back to England. He founded a cathedral on the island of Lindisfarne and served as its first bishop. He travelled all around England, telling people about the Gospels. As a Bishop, he was often given presents by important people. St Aidan was a generous man and always gave these presents to the poor. His feast day is 31st August.

st scholastica

St Scholastica was born in Italy in 480 AD. She and her twin brother Benedict were both very close to God. Scholastica set up a convent close to where her brother had set up a monastery and they used to meet regularly in order to pray together and discuss Scripture. On one occasion when her brother had to leave, St Scholastica is said to have prayed to God asking him to stop Benedict leaving. A huge storm blew up and Benedict was unable to return to his monastery and so they had one last chance to spend time together in prayer as St Scholastica died four days later. Her feast day is 10th February.