Year 5

St Ninian

St Ninian

St Ninian was born in 360AD, and was educated in Rome. He returned to England to preach the Good News. He was known for his kindness and charity. St Ninian’s most unusual miracle was when he stood in the rain reading his Bible yet staying completely dry. He died in 432 AD, and his feast day is September 16th.

St teresa

St. Teresa of Avila

St. Teresa was born in 1515 in Spain. She was a very rebellious teenager and at 16 her father sent her to live in a convent so that she could learn how to behave properly. Once she was there she became very religious and spent much of her time praying and thinking about how praying could bring her soul closer to God. She set up many new convents in Spain. Her feast day is 15th October.