Year 3

st hugh

St. Hugh of Lincoln

St. Hugh was born in 1135 in France. He was a monk who came to England to look after sick and poor people. St Hugh was a good, kind man who also liked to have fun. One of his jobs was teaching children. He had a pet swan who used to follow him everywhere. St Hugh loved to design and build churches and his most famous church was the Cathedral of Lincoln where he was appointed Bishop by Henry II. He is buried in Lincoln Cathedral and his feast day is 17th November.

st nicholas

St Nicholas

St Nicholas was born in Turkey in 270 AD. He was a Christian who gave generously to the poor, particularly children. Many of the ideas about Santa Claus (Santa Nickolaos) come from the life of St Nicholas. There is a story that there was a father who had no money to give to his daughters when they married, St Nicholas heard about this and threw two bag of gold in through the window where they landed in stockings which had been hung to dry over the fireplace. That is why to this day people hang stockings on mantelpieces which are then filled with presents. His feast day is the 6th of December.